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Our Blog

14 January 202112 views

3 tips for travelling with your furry family member

It’s great to be able to take the WHOLE family on holiday! Summer holidays are the time to get...
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29 December 2020586 views

Do you really need a Pet CV?

Finding a rental property that allows pets is HARD!!! The majority of renters with pets are fabulous tenants! They...
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22 December 2020384 views

What is our Pet CV?

Share you pet’s information with potential landlords or property managers from the open home! Renting with pets is tough!...
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22 December 2020722 views

What is our Premium Passport?

Always have your pet’s information at your fingertips! Us Kiwi’s love our pets! They bring so much joy into...
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17 September 202086 views

Does having a pet actually make you happier?

Many pet owners will instinctively say ‘yes’. Having constant company and someone to look after all help manage the...
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01 September 2020110 views

Cat years in human years

Ever wondered how old your cat is? Like how old they are in human years – not cat years....
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11 August 202096 views

Our Story

We Kiwi’s love our pets! We have the second highest rate of pet ownership per capita in the world....
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29 July 202059 views

The perks of sharing your pet

Most of us have started to head back to the office and are increasingly working away from home. This...
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23 July 202059 views

4 steps to finding the right pet sitter

Unfortunately, sometimes our pets just can’t come with us when we go away. In these cases, options include boarding...
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