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17 June 2020578 views

4 Tips for the Pawfect Party!

Updated: Oct 14

Parties for pets – I LOVE THEM! Whether it’s a birthday party, a puppy graduation or an adoption anniversary – any reason will do to spoil our furry family members!

We’ve covered off the basic components to a pawesome party below!

The invite list

Firstly, your dog should know and be familiar with the other dogs invited to attend their party. The pawty is not a time to meet new friends. What is your dog like around other dogs? Do they love being in a bigger group? Or do they just like to hang out with one or 2 dogs at a time? Remember the pawty is for your pet. You want them to enjoy the experience so tailor it to their preferences.

The basics


The location you choose to have the pawty at will impact the amount of guests you invite. You don’t want to have too many dogs for the space. Smaller spaces = less guests!


If it’s your first pawty, an hour is recommended. An hour is enough time for your pet and their guests to play a couple of games, eat some food and run around.

Remember there’s a lot going on – you don’t want your pet and their guests to get overwhelmed. So start with an hour and if it’s a success, next time you can make it longer.


Make sure there’s plenty of water bowls around for your guests so they stay hydrated. Don’t forget the poop bags. Some of your guests may forget to bring their own so make sure you’ve got plenty on hand.


What would a party without party games?! What you decide to play will need to factor in how many guests you have and how big the space is.

Scooby Says

Simon says – dog style! Sneak some training into your pawty! The dogs all come together and listen to commands. This can be given by one person or each owner to their dog. The last dog standing (or sitting!) wins.

Old fashioned fetch

Balls, sticks, toys! A joint game may not be a good idea depending on the guests, so make sure there’s enough for everyone. Give each owner a toy and let them play with their dog for a couple of minutes. Then get the owners to throw the toy in the same general area. The dog who brings back the correct toy and gives it to their owner first, wins. If that seems too complicated, you can make it the first dog to bring back any of the toys.


It’s not a party if there isn’t cake! That said, dogs don’t need a big, unhealthy cake! This will just make them feel sick. We wanted to find out more about healthy cakes so reached out to Irene at the Little Cake Co. They are an Auckland based pet bakery creating healthy treats and cakes made from love and the finest ingredients to celebrate our furry friends. How do they work out what’s a winner and what’s not? They work with their CEO (Chief Eating Officer) Lily, the dog!

There is such a thing as too much cake

As a general rule, a 6-inch cake serves about 3-4 dogs and an 8-inch cake serves about 4-6 dogs. Irene says, “Your dog, no matter their size, should not consume an entire cake in one sitting. Remember it’s a treat, not a meal”. So, slice your cake into smaller portions for your pet and their guests. If your dog has a sensitive stomach, give them the cake in smaller increments.

What to do with leftovers?

Irene says, “our cakes are good for about 5 days in a refrigerated environment”. For any leftovers, you can individually wrap and freeze slices of cake. Then thaw them before serving to your furry family member.

Cake Inspo

Want a cake for your furry family member’s birthday?

Not sure what to make or what is available?

Here’s some pictures of Irene’s AMAZING cakes. As you can see they are full of love and detail.

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