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28 January 2021669 views

An online vet visit?

Anyone who has a pet knows a lot of the stress of going to the vet is actually physically getting there!

Just simply getting our pets into the car can be a mission.

Then there’s the added complications of car sickness or pets who simply HATE being in the car.

By the time you get to the vet, the whole experience is traumatic enough. Then you remember you have to do the same thing again to get back home!

Well what if you could visit the vet online? From the comfort of your own home? Here at Paws Passport we love innovation and thinking outside the box to deliver services to pet owners so we just had to learn more about this!

To do this, we reached out to Dr. Cori at Vet Online Consult New Zealand, a Kiwi company offering online vet visits for pets. Luckily for us, Dr. Cori was happy to talk to us about Vet Online Consult, what it is and how it came about.

A business born in Lockdown

During the level 4 lockdown, the veterinary services available to pets across the country were greatly reduced. Only emergency and urgent cases were allowed to be treated at the vet clinic. This meant non-urgent care was severely limited.

Dr. Cori says “it was important to us that pet owners were still supported during those tough times and had access to veterinary advice for non-urgent situations while staying safe in their homes”.

A new option for modern pet owners

Visiting the vet online takes the stress out of going to the vet because you don’t have to physically go anywhere! The service is also available to pet owners outside of the traditional veterinary hours meaning you can have a face to face chat with a qualified vet late at night or during the weekend.

Dr. Cori says “People seem to really appreciate having the ability to talk face to face with a vet from the comfort of their own home”.

Obviously, online veterinary services do have their limitations. They can’t perform surgery or provide prescriptions.

However, they can provide an informed view on what could be wrong with your pet, the urgency of the issue and the general treatment process including the likely cost. This means you’re better informed and have an idea of the plan, prognosis and treatment options available to you and your pet.

Dr. Cori says “we very much see our service as a compliment to your existing veterinary relationship. The online service is a great tool for advice and ‘triage’ so deciding how urgent a problem is and the timescale in which it needs to be seen”.

Rather than Googling, get an informed opinion

Now I’m not of the wait and see if ailments will fix themselves school. I know some pet owners who are but that’s just not me. I’m of the Google the symptoms, OMG this could be super serious, we need to get this addressed ASAP approach!

A couple of years ago when we got home from work, we could tell Lily (our cat) just wasn’t quite right. So… we took Lily straight to the vet. Paying ‘after hours’ rates, we were told Lily had most likely been in a fight, was just a bit tired and should be better the next day.

Now if I could have had an online appointment and gone through her symptoms, I know I would have been a lot less stressed about the whole situation! Maybe we could have waited for the vet to open the next day and saved some money. Maybe I would not have needed to see the vet in person at all.

So next time you need to go to the vet, you can now consider an online visit!

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