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11 August 2020179 views

Our Story

We Kiwi’s love our pets! We have the second highest rate of pet ownership per capita in the world. We’re only behind the US.

Paws Passport began after a chat at the office around how hard it is to rent with a pet. Property Managers and landlords recommend having a Pet CV but all we could find online was vague, word doc templates. So Paws Passport was originally focused on helping pet parents find and secure a rental.

As we kept digging, we realised there were other areas related to pet ownership that could be digitised and simplified.

Like the paper-based vaccination book pet parents are always hunting around for before a vet visit or how we share detailed information about our pets with others like pet sitters, doggie daycare centres and boarding facilities. Why are we filling out the same information again and again? Why can’t we fill it in once and easily share it?



We realised we could have an even bigger, positive impact on pet parents and their furry family members. So we’re creating one stylish, digital space where all your furry family member’s important information is stored and able to be shared.

We want to lessen the time pet parents spend on their pet’s admin and paperwork so they can spend more quality time with their furry family member!



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