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22 December 2020457 views

What is our Pet CV?

Share you pet’s information with potential landlords or property managers from the open home!

Renting with pets is tough! Renting with pets is also where our Paws Passport journey began.

We wanted to help people with pets secure rental properties because really you should never have to pick between having somewhere to live and your pet.

Our Pet CV is really just a profile for your pet with all the things landlords and property managers want to know about your pet.

We’ve spoken to landlords, property managers and renters with pets and all these insights have shaped our Pet CV. We’ve included only what landlords and property managers actually want to know and have cut out the fluff.

With our Pet CV you simply put in your pet’s information ONCE and then refer to it effortlessly.

Imagine, you’re at an Open Home……

it’s competitive and you need to give them your application asap.

Easy! Whip out your phone, go to your Pet’s CV and share it instantly with the landlord!

Our Pet CV includes basic information about your pet such as breed, age and size. It also includes more detailed information which indicates how well you look after your pet and behaviour indicators.

We’ve also included two free text sections for you to introduce your pet and convey why they are a good tenant. We provide helpful prompts in these sections to guide your responses. These prompts are based on our interviews with landlords and property managers across the country.

Here is a Pet CV I’ve created using Paws Passport – check it out.

How much is it?

Our Pet CV is a one-off purchase of $19.50 NZD. This comes down to $15 NZD if you already have a Premium Passport.

So for the price of a lunch out, you can have your pet’s renting information always at your fingertips.

Having a Pet CV with Paws Passport means you always have access to your pet’s renting information.

We know renting with pets is tough. Let us help make it a little less stressful.

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