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22 December 2020749 views

What is our Premium Passport?

Always have your pet’s information at your fingertips!

Us Kiwi’s love our pets! They bring so much joy into our lives.

We wanted to help pet parents save time by always having access to their pet’s information.

So we developed our passports which are really just profiles where you can access, edit and share your pet’s important information.

We’ve made our profiles mobile friendly so you can be out and about and still access, edit and share this information from your phone.

Save yourself time by putting your pet’s information in once and always having it with you.

Imagine, you’re at the Vet and need to give them your pet’s insurance details….

Easy! Whip out your phone and go to your pet’s passport. Bam! Task complete!

Share your pet’s information endlessly!

Cut down on manually filling in forms for your pet and the time you spend supplying the same information over and over.

Instead share your cat or dog’s information from one central, digital place.

What is in our Premium Passports?

Within our Premium Passports we have:

*basic information including breed, size, age and sex

*microchip and registration details

*in case of an emergency details

*pet insurance details

*feeding information and schedule

*and more!

Show me

Here is one I have created – check it out

How much is it?

For the price of a cup of coffee a month, you can have your pet’s important information always at your fingertips.

Our Premium Passport is $4.95 NZD a month.

You can also purchase an annual subscription for $50 NZD which means you pay for 10 months and get 2 months free.

Save yourself time and the frustration and stress

of hunting around for your pet’s information.

Having a Premium Passport means you always have easy access to your pet’s information so you can spend more quality time with them!

Get your Premium Passport here

Renting with pets? We’ve also created a Pet CV

Want to find out more about us? Read about us here

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