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20 January 2021592 views

Who’s renting to people with pets?

When you’re struggling to find a place to rent with pets, it can feel like NO ONE is interested. But the truth is, there are landlords who rent to people with pets.

We want to share their experiences and what they look for to help encourage and support people who are renting with pets. There are positive experiences out there and many renters with pets are fabulous tenants.

If you’re a landlord or property manager who rents to people with pets, we’d love to talk to you and share your experiences. Email us at

We talked to Barb, a landlord in Auckland, about her experience renting to people with pets and what advice she would give other landlords who were considering renting to people with pets.

We also asked what advice she would give people with pets looking to secure a rental property. Let’s get into it!

What has been your experience renting to people with pets?

We never had any concerns with renting to tenants with pets. It’s always gone well. We rented out our family home 13 years ago.

As a dog lover, we had no problem renting it to families with pets.

We have had wonderful tenants who appreciate they can bring their pets and presently have a great family in with a larger dog & cats. They keep the property in tip top condition.

We have never had any issues renting to families with pets & will continue to do so.

What advice would you give to other property managers or landlords considering renting to people with pets?

I’d advise landlords to inspect the dog. If they’re not animal savvy, then I suggest asking for references for the pet.

References can be from:

  • the vet – to testify the pet has regular check-ups and vaccinations.
  • the groomer – to show the dog is groomed regularly.
  • facilities where the pet has stayed (like kennels, homestay or doggy daycare) – to indicate their behaviour.

The landlord can also ask if the dog belongs to a dog club or has the dog had basic training anywhere.

All these things should paint a picture as to how well cared for the pet is. It’s my experience (as a landlord, dog trainer, dog obedience judge & canine good citizen assessor) that a well-cared for pet indicates caring tenants.

What advice would you give to renters with pets looking to secure a rental property?

We insist on meeting the dog(s), we check they are registered & appear looked after. Some tenants have also provided a reference from their vet or daycare facility which is helpful.

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